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SEC Filings

BASIC ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form EFFECT on 08/02/2017
Entire Document
Notice of Effectiveness
Washington, D.C. 20549
Notice of Effectiveness
Effectiveness Date: August 2, 2017 1:30 P.M.
Form: S-3
CIK: 0001109189
File Number: 333-217289
CIK: 0001529118
Company Name: Taylor Industries, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-27
CIK: 0001448584
Company Name: Xterra Fishing & Rental Tools Co.
File Number: 333-217289-26
CIK: 0001471139
Company Name: Permian Plaza, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-25
CIK: 0001448593
Company Name: Sledge Drilling Corp.
File Number: 333-217289-24
CIK: 0001448563
Company Name: JetStar Energy Services, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-23
CIK: 0001448566
Company Name: Acid Services, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-22
CIK: 0001448564
Company Name: JetStar Holdings, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-21
CIK: 0001448567
Company Name: JS Acquisition LLC
File Number: 333-217289-20
CIK: 0001368923
Company Name: SCH Disposal, L.L.C.
File Number: 333-217289-19
CIK: 0001368922
Company Name: Globe Well Service, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-18
CIK: 0001368917
Company Name: LeBus Oil Field Service Co.
File Number: 333-217289-17
CIK: 0001368916
Company Name: First Energy Services CO
File Number: 333-217289-16
CIK: 0001368915
Company Name: Basic Marine Services, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-15
CIK: 0001448592
Company Name: Chaparral Service, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-14
CIK: 0001529086
Company Name: Maverick Companies, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-13
CIK: 0001368910
Company Name: Basic Energy Services GP, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-12
CIK: 0001529083
Company Name: MCM Holdings, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-11
CIK: 0001529080
Company Name: Maverick Thru-Tubing Services, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-10
CIK: 0001529079
Company Name: Maverick Stimulation Company, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-09
CIK: 0001529078
Company Name: Maverick Solutions, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-08
CIK: 0001529077
Company Name: Maverick Coil Tubing Services, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-07
CIK: 0001529076
Company Name: Admiral Well Service, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-06
CIK: 0001529117
Company Name: Platinum Pressure Services, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-05
CIK: 0001368912
Company Name: Basic ESA, Inc.
File Number: 333-217289-04
CIK: 0001368911
Company Name: Basic Energy Services L.P.
File Number: 333-217289-03
CIK: 0001368909
Company Name: Basic Energy Services LP, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-02
CIK: 0001529116
Company Name: MSM Leasing, LLC
File Number: 333-217289-01