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BASIC ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form S-3/A on 07/31/2017
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Pursuant to the Prepackaged Plan, on the Effective Date, all obligations under the Company’s senior unsecured notes were cancelled. In exchange for cancelling these notes, the Company issued shares of its common stock to parties that include the selling stockholders, and certain of the selling stockholders purchased additional shares of common stock in connection with the rights offering conducted under the Prepackaged Plan, or received such shares. The shares of common stock offered hereby are being registered pursuant to the registration rights agreement, dated December 23, 2016 (the “Registration Rights Agreement”), between the Company and the selling stockholders to permit public sales of such shares.

The following table sets forth the names of the selling stockholders, the number of shares of common stock beneficially owned by each of them as of April 10, 2017, the percentage of our total outstanding common stock beneficially owned by each of them as of April 10, 2017, the number of shares of common stock being offered by each of them, the number of shares of common stock each selling stockholder will beneficially own if the stockholder sells all of the common stock being registered and each selling stockholder’s percentage beneficial ownership of our total outstanding common stock if all of the common stock in the offering is sold. As used in this prospectus, “selling stockholders” includes the successors-in-interest, donees, transferees or others who may later hold the selling stockholders’ shares. The selling stockholders may offer the common stock for resale from time to time pursuant to this prospectus. However, the selling stockholders are under no obligation to sell any of the common stock offered pursuant to this prospectus.

All information with respect to common stock ownership has been furnished by or on behalf of the selling stockholders and publicly available SEC filings. We believe, based on information supplied by the selling stockholders and subject to community property laws where applicable, that, except as may otherwise be indicated in the footnotes to the table below, each selling stockholder has sole voting and dispositive power with respect to the common stock reported as beneficially owned by it. Because the selling stockholders may sell all, part or none of the common stock held by them, no assurance can be given as to the number of shares of common stock that a selling stockholder will hold upon termination of any offering made hereby. In addition, the selling stockholders may have sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of, or may sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of, at any time and from time to time, the common stock held by them in transactions exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), after the date on which it provided the information set forth on the table below. For purposes of the table below, however, we have assumed that after termination of this offering, none of the shares of common stock offered by this prospectus will be held by the selling stockholders.

Beneficial ownership for the purposes of this table is determined in accordance with the rules and regulations of the SEC. These rules generally provide that a person is the beneficial owner of securities if such person has or shares the power to vote or direct the voting thereof, or to dispose or direct the disposition thereof or has the right to acquire such powers within 60 days.